Monday, January 5, 2009

Just Brutal....

My run today... well, if that's what you can call it! I honestly think there wasn't one part of my run today that I enjoyed.... Ok, I take that back, I REALLY enjoyed being finished!!!

I started off with the wind in my sails, ready to have a great run with a great attitude. I chose a route that starts with a hill, first mistake. I started off running that hill a bit too fast, second mistake. I should preface this story by telling you the route I decided to run today is a three mile loop around a lake. By the time I reached the end of the loop I was ready to quit (my goal was to run it twice), but, my competitive spirit wouldn't let me. The drive to post 6 miles on my log, as well as Lissaloo's words from the other day, "I really did not feel like walking this morning, I found a LOT of excuses not to. But I did it, I walked" gave me the motivation to run it again, accomplishing my 6 mile goal for the day. Not at a pace I would be thrilled to post, but at a pace none the less.

A girlfriend of mine happened to call me just as I got into my car to head home. She was one of the inspirations that started me on my running path - she's been running since high school. I had to laugh when she said, "I haven't been able to stop thinking for the past two days that maybe this should be the year of the marathon" Ok, it just killed me to run those 6 miles, the thought, especially right at that moment, of running 26 just made me bust out laughing. I have learned though, never say never....

The only other problem I encountered was pain in the knee around mile 5. I'm blaming this problem on the fact that I probably need new shoes. Fear of injury is constantly on my mind, I have had several running friends who have injured themselves and been out of commission for months. My fear is an injury would probably end my running all together. The stiffness in the knee as well as the pain a few hours later prompted me to take two ibuprofen, and at the moment, I am pain free.

I keep reminding myself, it has been some time since I ran outside, let alone 6 miles. Be proud of the accomplishment, don't worry about the pace speed, the winded lungs after the uphill battles, just keep focused on the more I run, the stronger I will become..... Again.....


  1. Great job on the run and on pushing yourself to get to your goal. Six miles is a great first run of the year.

  2. Great Persistence! You are awesome! Having you & LB as such great examples & motivators is what has given me the strength to start getting my "physical" life in order. :)

  3. Thanks guys for your uplifting words. At this moment, running a mere three miles today is the last thing I want to do, I'm soooo tired... but, with your wonderful kudos, it's pushing me to want to post that 3 on my miles logged!!