Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Just Recieved The Best......

Christmas present ever! I have been living without my wedding ring for at least two years now. . Because the way the diamonds are set, every so often I lose one..... And then it takes us forever to get it fixed.... My husband finally sent it to the jeweler and I just received it today!! Yipee, I actually look like a married women again!


  1. Yay! I am in the same jam/boat, My ring has two parts that kept warping apart (totally weird) & I finally quit taking it in to get fixed. I'm waiting until we can afford something different, it does feel weird though. My husband lost his rafting last year so when we go out we are both ringless & it probably looks like we are dating! lol
    Although it probably looks better than him wearing his & me without one ;)

  2. I do have another ring I wear, but a few months ago I decided I was bugged he hadn't had it fixed yet, so I went on ring stick and stopped wearing one. I sometimes wonder what people think when the see he has one and I don't....