Friday, June 3, 2011

Follow Friday....

 Feeling Beachie's questions of the day:

1.      I cannot eat just one: Oh wow, really... hm, peanut M&M's, chips of any kind, jordan almonds, any kind of nut, and there is more, those just quickly come to mind. Self control is not my strong point.
2.      When I am in a bad mood ____ always makes me feel better: Hm... I'm a bit puzzled by this. I suppose it depends what put me in the bad mood... I think i need to roll this answer around in my mind for a bit.
3.      Happiness is: The love and support of family and friends.
4.      The most comfortable thing I own is: My couch, It may not be as pretty as it was 14 years ago but its so dang comfy.