Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eight Things

As per Tattoos and Teething Rings I'm taking my own stab at eight things.....

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Summer break - I look forward to no homework for the kids, days of sitting at the beach, and basically no structure in our lives for three months.
2. Our annual trip to Colorado to spend a few weeks with our best friends.
3. My weekend trip with just the girls to Palm Springs the first weekend in June - lying by the pool and outlet shopping, does it get any better??!!
4. A get away with my hubby - although I don't know when money will permit. Maybe we need to settle for a weekend with the kids at grandma's and having the house to ourselves.
5. A new car - again, don't know when money will permit, but I'm done with the minivan, and it is 11 years old!
6. Getting my hair cut and colored -- it needs it (again that darn money permitting thing)!!!
7. Having an income generated from our business
8. Spending eternity in Heaven

8 Things I did Yesterday:
1. Get up way to0 early
2. Walked my daughter into school and made sure my son had arrived (first time walking to school by himself with his best friend).
3. Attended my bible study leaders meeting
4. Spent a little too long surfing the web
5. Picked up kids from school
6. Made sure homework was completed and baseball uniform was washed
7. Made pizzas for dinner, pepperoni for the kids and buffalo chicken for my husband and I (yummm).
8. Watched my son's baseball game (and darn if it wasn't freezing cold at 7:00 last night).

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Sing BEAUTIFULLY instead of just making a joyful noise!
2. Ditto Tat - I wish I could do sign language as well.
3. Spend money on clothes anytime I want - I know this is rather shallow, but I just love clothes, and I never buy full price. I'm a huge clearance, sale shopper.
4. Buy my husband a new car (yup, its that money permitting thing), but I'd really like to buy him something frivolous since he's the one in the family that always puts himself and his desires last.
5. Take vacations more often. I'd love for my family to vacation during Christmas/Easter breaks, long trips somewhere during the summer...
6. Find the cure for cancer and HIV - they suck....
7. Find contentment in ALL things everyday of my life...
8. Tithe 90% and live off of 10%....

8 TV Shows I Watch:
The office
30 Rock
Any of the Housewives Shows (OC, NY, AT, but not the new one - I know, you're asking why ANY of them to begin with)
Most anything on the Food Network if it catches my fancy
Project Runway
Top Chef
Rock of Love (yeah, I know, this is pretty skanky, but it takes me back to my rocker chick 80's days)...
Too many Disney/Nickelodeon shows to mention

Your turn...