Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Monday Again....

Today's Never Growing Old Monday questions are:

1.  What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
This is tough because I love potatoes. French fries, yum, baked, yum yum, scalloped, oh yum... really haven't met a potato I have not loved, I do no think I can choose just one fav way.
2.  What was the last package that was delivered to your house?
Today we received a new camera purchased with credit card points. I'd like to say it was free, but come on, it was with credit card points... I've paid for that camera a 100 times over.
3.  What is your favorite scent that you love to smell?
The smells of the beach - love the salty ocean, camp fires at night, tropical sun tan lotions... heaven on earth is a day at the beach for me.
4.  Do you smoke?
Ick - nope!
5.  Are your parents married or divorced?
My parents split up when I was 20. Horrible. When you are younger your parents tell you where you will spend holidays, when you are older they ask you where you'd like to go. Yeah, like that's a choice one wants to make, hm, let me decide which parent will I make happy and which will I hurt. The first year was brutal. In the end, they are both happier and are the people they should be rather then the people they probably would have been had they stayed together. I love my step parents and the families they each have brought into our lives.