Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yes, It's Monday AGAIN....

I love Never Growing Old's meet me on Monday posts cause they give me something to post about with out much thinking (which I can't seem to do too much of these days)...

1.  Crunchy or soft tacos?
We eat tacos a lot at home. Fish tacos in the summer, chicken all year long. Always soft - corn, no flour. Although when I go out, I love crunchy. I am a mexican food addict. I swear I should have been born to a Hispanic family.
2.  Do you scrapbook?
Oh heck no. I gave it a shot, but it takes way too much time and way too much creativity. I'm very good at copying - no originality in my creativeness. I figure I'll take it up when my kids have grown and flown the coupe, then I can look back and miss the days of long ago. I am envious of the beautiful books I've seen, but that gene is just missing from my dna.
3.  Do you take any daily medications?
Nada. However, now that my kids are a teen and preteen, there are days I wish I could consume enough to take me to la la land!!
4.  What is your favorite sound?
Depends when you ask me. Silence is rare, so I treasure that when in the rare moments it occurs. I love the sound of my neighborhood - its so quiet and you can hear the birds - always reminds me that God takes care of the birds, how much more will he take care of me. The ocean... I can sit on a beach and listen to the waves endlessly, it puts my soul at rest. Laughter, true from the gut giggles and laughs. And the words I love you...
5.  Where were you born?
Fullerton, California - I'm a born, raised and can not ever imaging leaving - Californian


  1. Happy Meet me on Monday...

  2. I like soft tacos too. Have a great week!

  3. Hi! Nice to meet you, I am Jennie Aka Tidbitz. Found your cute blog on Meet Me Monday. Following now too.

  4. I have just one pre-teen and LaLa Land sounds pretty good to me too, LOL! :-)

  5. You are so funny!

    I copy my scrap pages alot as who has time to be creatively original? Gotta love Californians!!

  6. Hello, poppin over from Meet Me On Monday...great blog...newest follower

    Come see me at The BackYard Beauty and Book Boutique!


  7. I've always wanted to make fish tacos. I will make a plan to have some really soon. Enjoyed your blog

  8. Thanks for your comment over at my place. Kids say the darndest things, huh? I was just in your neck of the woods (I see you're from SoCal). Just came home from visiting my daughter at The Master's College. Dorm life is definitely for the young!

    Warm wishes on your writing journey!

  9. Visiting from MMOM - The sound of the ocean is my favorite too....Lucky for me, I live on the beach