Sunday, January 24, 2010

2009.... Mediation....

Luckily my kids and I were in Colorado the weeks leading up to and on the day of mediation, so my husband was able to concentrate on getting his stuff together, and the kids and I were occupied and away from all the stress. My girlfriend and I did some retail therapy to try and keep my mind off of what was going on at home, it seemed like eternity before I finally heard from my husband.

I finally received a phone call - everything was going great. David Tieman had told the judge that there was no way he wanted to stay in business with my husband and wanted to buy us out. Awesome - great news. They were on a lunch break, David's lawyer was getting paperwork drawn up, we were well on our way to parting ways, all was looking up, this nightmare was going to be over... Or so we thought....

A little more insight into the character of David Tieman. This mediation was set up so that Rick and his lawyer were in one room, David Tieman and and his lawyer were in another, and the judge bounced in between the two rooms. The two rooms that my husband and David Tieman were in happen to be across from each other and happened to be glass. Because my husband had nothing to hide from, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to fear, he sat looking right at David's room. David Tieman on the other hand, sat with his back to my husband's room. Coward - plain and simple.

Anyway.... hours pass and I have not heard another word from my husband. It's about 6pm California time so I'm wondering why he hasn't called me or returned my calls. When I finally get a hold of him it was obvious all was not well. As typical with David Tieman, key points to the buy out that were agreed upon prior to lunch where then changed to something completely different when they came back from lunch. When my husband and his lawyer disagreed with what came back, and the judge agreed that they were not the original terms, the judge went to speak with David Tieman and his legal counsel. David's lawyer then walked into my husband's room, slammed paperwork down on the desk and announced that he had been served. David Tieman, three weeks prior to our mediation, had already filed a lawsuit against not only Rick, but against me as well. Because, well, fighting two lawsuits cost twice as much.

And this is my favorite part - David Tieman walked out of his room practically walking side ways to avoid any and all possibility of having eye contact with my husband - and trust me, Rick was trying with all his might to make eye contact.

Coward.... Plain and simple....


  1. Okay...pain and financial woes aside, this story is now very gripping. I can see you writing a book or even a screen play. I am hating that all this is happening, however your story has me spellbound.

  2. I agree with Polly, gripping story.

    This David fellow is a piece of work. I suppose if I had no morals and no shame I wouldn't be able to look at people in the eye either. But I can't imagine just doing someone over like that. That seriously irritates me that he did that to you.

  3. Yes, gripping story, but it's also making me pretty angry! What right did David have to treat you that way?!

    BTW - I just saw the response you left to my last comment. I'll check my email (I don't think I deleted it) and forward it to you.

  4. I am on the edge of my seat!

    I hope it all ended well, if it's ended at all...

  5. I am anxious to learn the rest of the story too.

    I cannot begin to imagine how much you and your family suffered with this whole thing. I just hope it ends well.

  6. Wow! Looking forward to hearing more - you're doing a wonderful job writing this! I agree, very suspenseful...

    This is not the first time I've heard of people "counter-suing" in a case like this - his lawyer probably recommended it as a stall tactic or negotiating tool. As you said, two lawsuits are more expensive to fight than one...they're trying to get you guys to back off or give too many concessions. Sometimes that plan can backfire though....

    Good luck!