Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California.....

She was asked a question, she answered it....

She DID NOT lie, she answered how SHE felt.....

In my book she is a winner, not because of what she believes in, but for standing on HER moral ground, speaking what SHE believes, and sticking to it --- at the cost of the crown....

And the crown should go to..... Miss California!!!

And the crowd goes crazy.....


  1. I completely agree with you! I have no bias when it comes to marriage. As I've said before, that's one of my rare "liberal" leanings. However, being punished (or in this case, denied the win) for stating what you believe, is totally outrageous, biased, and hypocritical.

    A Miss USA with opinions and values...imagine that. She'd get MY vote!

  2. I missed something, what happened? I might have to go google it :)

  3. I don't think she should have been punished for having an opinion, but we also don't know that she would have won with a different answer. We should be teaching girls that it's OK to have opinions and to stick to your beliefs. I personally don't have a problem with gay marriage, but I wouldn't have scored her lower for her opinion. I probably would have lowered her score based on her delivery of her answer, though; she kinda fumbled the beginning and wasn't very eloquent. At least now she can be a true role model, standing up for herself even if other people don't agree with her, and remaining true to herself; that's what girls need to see.

  4. The problem was she was asked a very slanted/skewed question my a militant homosexual with an agenda. Then SHE is the one that is skewered by the media, for being "political/religious" in her response (how could she answer otherwise?)but nobody is questioning the agenda of the judge that would have the audacity to ask such a polarizing "political/religious" question. The world is screwy, IMHO.