Thursday, January 29, 2009

Total Miles Logged......

This month I logged 24.11 running miles... ummmm.... I use to do that in a week (ok, so it's been a while since I've logged that many in a week, but that use to be my norm)...

A bit disappointing mentally, but, I suppose I have my reasons -- or excuses -- which ever you choose to call them.

I started off the first week of January with a bang, and then I caught a head cold. The kind that keeps you up at night, zaps your energy... About the same time, some major stress hit our lives. Nothing like a death, but, as I said before, the kind of stress that makes your stomach nauseous, so lack of food intake, being emotionally wiped out, running just wasn't the priority. The kids have had a few days of no school Mondays, always a bit harder when kids are around... the list could go on, but it wont.

Now that January, and hopefully everything it entailed is behind me, February starts with a whole new head space. I'm back to my goal of at least 21 miles a week. I wont beat myself up if I don't attain it, but I hope I get way closer then I did this past month.


  1. 24 miles ain't nothin' to sneeze at! A good start. I, too, had visions of 3 digit milage yet I, too, succumbed to the dreaded respiratory virus that saps any and all strenghth from its human host. You have a very respectable start that will improve each and every month. Hopefully, I'll be tagging right along with you! Take care.

  2. Thanks 5th - you, me and LB, we'll compete next month, keep each other on our toes!

  3. For sure! We'll feed off each other's mileage. I've got a six-miler slated for the weekend. Let's hope I can make it happen!