Friday, January 30, 2009

So How Did I Do.......

Or should I say, how am I doing.... It's the end of January (well, almost).. Time to reflect on my "Improvements".

My first priority was to spend time with my kids each night before they go to bed. I've been spending at least 15 minutes with each Sunday through Thursday (basically "school" nights). This has made a tremendous change in my daughter. She is what I describe as my cat - Everything is on her terms. Since spending this time with her, I have seen a huge change in her affection towards me. It's only taking me nine years to realize she really needs my undivided time. My son, he's my affectionate one, he just loves spending time with mom. It saddens me that I didn't start this from the very beginning of their little lives.

Spending time with my husband. My goal was to have two date nights a month. This Saturday we will have our third. One of our nights was celebrating a friends MBA, so we didn't really spend much time together - you know, girls chatting with the girls, guys doing the same, but we were out without kids nonetheless.

Family Days - we've had two Sunday's this month that were dedicated only to family. My son starts baseball this week and will have a practice every Sunday, so this is going to take some planning ahead to ensure we still get our family time in. This is what seems to happen, we allow life to change our priorities, rather then making our priorities come first in life.

Self improvements. I did get the holiday weight off, and maybe an extra pound or two. I have been eating better, although until I can figure out which tooth is my sweet tooth and have it removed, I'm still gonna have a cookie or two, or three, or six.... My running hasn't been what I've wanted, but you know that already. That will change. I also wanted to add more strength training in, for firmer arms and shoulders. Although the total body gym is up against the wall in my bedroom, I still haven't worked it into my routine. My husband does it at times not convenient for me, or day's I've already done a class. I'll try and make that a priority this month as well.

So, I haven't done too bad. The two improvements that mean the most, time with my kids and husband, have been the easiest and most successful, as well as the most rewarding. The rest is just icing on the cake...


  1. Good for you! And hurray for realizing that you work your priorities around your life instead of vice versa...and doing something about it! Sooo many people fall into that trap, I think. But then, they don't want to make the changes necessary to fix it. Your children will definitely benefit from the change...and I'm sure your husband will as well!

  2. Sounds like you're doing great! Even though he works two jobs, my husband always makes Sunday a day to spend with the family, even if it means just sitting around together watching a Disney movie. And we're also trying to have one date night a week- so far, it's been more like every other week, but we're trying! I'm sure your family appreciates the extra attention!

  3. I think that you are doing great! It is easier said than done to make time for different things in your life and it seems like you've made leaps and bounds in the most important areas!! : )good job!

  4. Thanks girls!! Validation from other mom's is always good! and Tattoo, I'm jealous, once a week, oh how wonderful that would be!

  5. Good for you, great job keeping tabs on yourself too! :)