Thursday, January 15, 2009


Some unexpected, out of left field, life stress hit us on Friday (not fun). I also started battling a head cold at the same time (really not fun). Needless to say, since Friday night I have been both mentally and physically out of commission.

Monday it was all I could do to function. When I woke up Sunday night at 12:30 am my husband decided I needed to help him talk through this "thing" that transpired. At 3am my son let us know we now had him up. Then the wind picked up, alarms were going off, not much sleep transpired after 3am. I decided there was no way I could put my body through any kind of run. Although I did get a drug induced sleep Tuesday night, I was still too physically drained to run. Wednesday I did do my class, then walked 2 miles on the treadmill. Today, still not feeling up to speed, I decided to do a four mile route that was mostly down hill for 2 miles but then of course uphill for 2. I ran today maybe a mile total. My body was clammy most of the run/walk (not from the heat mind you), but once I was done, I was glad I got out and moved. Helped me both physically and mentally. I have my usual class tomorrow, but I'm planning to get in a three mile run prior with a friend (hopefully I wont pass out on her)!!

I'm really hoping by next Monday the cold is past (although I sit here with a sore throat, please no relapse....) because I really loved logging in my miles last week. It's been a while since I ran that many miles in a week, and it mentally felt great....


  1. It's fun to input those numbers in after a nice run, isn't it? Hopefully that will help you once you recover from your cold, and hopefully you recover soon. Nothing like a bad cold to set you back a week. Grrr...

  2. Oh bad cold ended up being the flu! Thank goodness for flu shots because it was short lived (4 days). I agree, however, now that I'm better, it is fun to accumulate a number of miles ran! Get to feeling better, my friend!