Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who Would Have Thought.....

Against my better judgment, Santa decided to bring my daughter a fish (hey, they're cheap). She was very excited, and chose the clever name of --- drum roll please --- "Swimmy". Now, Swimmy will make his (well, actually it's a her, but my daughter insists it's a he) way to my daughter's room and call the top of her desk home. However, right now he's on my kitchen counter, and, darn if I'm not finding him quiet entertaining. I've actually found myself pondering, would that teal fish tank actually look cute on my counter for good....


  1. Ummm, he looks like he's either dead or swimming upside down. Are you sure Swimmy is okay?

  2. lol - leave it to my photo skills! All is well with Swimmy, thank goodness!!

  3. I love the name for the fish. That is so cute.