Thursday, December 25, 2008

Whew.... Am I Glad That's All Over!!!

But not for any of the reason's you might be thinking....

Not because of the stress, the shopping, the entertaining, the wrapping, the trips to store after store after store, all the money spent. The forgotten gift (especially after you thought you were done), the menu planning, the Christmas card sending.... Oh how I could go on!!! Nope, not for any of those reasons.

It's all the eating!!! I can't but help consume ALL of the wonderful baked good platters received, because, well, darn if cookies and breads aren't my down fall!! And nothing taste better with coffee in the morning then a short bread cookie (or two) or homemade pumpkin or banana bread (and darn if it doesn't taste great for lunch and snacking as well)!!!

The main problem with all the goodie consumption is.... I decided a few years back in order to not stress during the month of December, exercising only happens if I can get everything else done that needs to be done. Exercise drops wwwaaayyy down the priority list. So for the last few weeks, exercise has not happened at all. Sooooo, we know what that means don't we!! Extra calories consumed + lack of exercise = added pounds to the body!! Ugh... (I know, I know, it's completely my own fault).

So, starting tomorrow (of course, not TODAY), I will start detoxing myself from sweets. I will also exercise everyday. I will get these extra pounds off as quickly as I put them on -- or so I can only hope, because, WHY -- WHY I ASK, does it take so little time to put the weight on, and what seems forever - and so much blood, sweat and tears - to take it off!!!!!