Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Ok, so it's been a while. And....  I'm quickly approaching fifty something and counting (hm.. a name change may need to be in the works?!).....

So I've recently signed up with Influenster and thought it would be fun to blog about the products I receive for free in order to test and give my opinion on.... Fun little package of complimentary items came today. Yipee, who doesn't love FREE??!!

The first thing i opened was the bag of Nacho Cheese Beanitos. Um... Yum! They are a white bean chip, high in fiber, gluten free with 4 complete grams of protein (their words, not mine). What did I love... they are super light and crunchy - I have a fondness for chips... a HUGE fondness. At 140 calories for 12 chips, I can keep them in my calorie count for the day and satisfy my desire for crunchy goodness. What I'm not so sure I'm fond of.... though the Nacho Cheese taste great as you are eating them, it does kinda of leave a lingering taste in your mouth. Can't put my finger on what in the spices it might be... but I do think I need a drink or two of water to help rinse it out. I did also recieve a plain white bean with sea salt - looking forward to dunking those into some yummy salsa!!!

I'm sure their website will tell you where to get your bag - promise you wont be disappointed  http://beanitos.com/    #allthatanabagofchips

*my bag of beanitos was complimentary to allow me to test and talk about!

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