Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meet Me On Monday....

 Here we go...

1.  What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first? Teeth - weird? Nasty teeth are just - well -nasty.
2.  Do you talk to yourself? Is there anyone who doesn't? Yes, often.
3.  What is your current relationship status? Married for 14 years, together 18
4.  Do you have a garden? This thumb is as far from being green as they get. I kill plants. Thank goodness it doesn't take a green thumb to raise children!!
5.  What is your favorite licorice flavor? Red vines, and only red vines. Strange thing, only liked black licorice when I was a kid, now I think it's gross!!!

Thanks Java!


  1. I've never liked black licorice but my boys do .. weird.
    Here from the Meet Me on Monday Hop.
    I'm now following.
    Have a great week!

  2. you're great at these memes =)
    how about a game of tag? come and play!

  3. Yikes...good thing the kids are not green! Funny!
    ~Naila Moon

  4. I notice the eyes first then the smile.
    Have a great week!

  5. The teeth are not the first thing I notice, but nasty teeth and a bad breath is definitely a turn off.
    I can keep plants alive, just don't find it very interesting :-)

  6. Hi, it's Just One Donna stopping by for Meet Me on Monday. Sadly, I haven't outgrown my preference for black licorice. I never eat it, but remember how much I loved it!

  7. It's hard to miss bad teeth, isn't it? Never liked licorice, but I love black jelly beans.