Friday, April 8, 2011

Fill In Friday!!!

1. My favorite kitchen secret is: Um, hm, I really don't think I have one. I'm feeling a bit left out if this is something I should have. Unfortunately there's no secrets in my kitchen, just miracles that edible things come out of it!!

2. _____is my favorite flavor of ice cream: Since childhood Mint and Chip has always ranked number one. Since being married to my husband, I've really come to love chocolate and peanut butter, especially the kind you get at Cold Stone where they mix it all for you. But honestly, I can consume mass amounts of just about any ice cream - yummy....

3. My favorite pair of ______ finally wore out: Oh so sad, my black boots. I wear them with everything, and they were hotter then hot. They were actually my third pair of the same Steve Madden boot. Three inch heels, hit right below the knee - with pants, skirts or dresses... I'm currently searching Ebay in hopes to snag another pair. Victoria's Secret currently sales them but I can get them cheaper on Ebay... hm... I really miss them....

4. If I could just have one more ______. Redo of the last four years. They have not been the best....


  1. I'm definitely a chocolate and peanut butter ice cream fan too. I suspect the next four years HAVE to be better. Right? Here's hoping they will for you. :)

  2. Growing up mint chip was my favorite ice cream - well, anything green was. Thanks for joining my hop! I am sorry about #4

  3. Steve Madden makes killer shoes! I used to always say that he must dream about me at night since he always manages to make shoes that are just so me! ...until I moved to Europe where cobblestones and heels don't mix. Love your blog style!