Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another God Blessing....

So as I said, God showed Himself in many ways the last few weeks of December...

My daughter bought herself an Itouch with her birthday money in September. The newest 4G model. Of course that thing is attached to her hip. Since my children do not have cell phones, their Itouch has become their link to appearing they may have one (since they look just like the Iphone), and therefore they are "cool".

Anyways...  my family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc) went bowling during our Christmas get together. After bowling and bull riding (yeah, don't ask) we headed out the door. My daughter at this point realized she was no longer in possession of her Itouch. Ugh.

Typical scene ensues - we talk with the guys behind the counter: No, nothing has been turned in. We survey the area where she put down her touch while she put on her bowling shoes. Nothing. We ask the people around the area if they have possibly found it: Nope, no such luck.

Here is what transpired - she took it out of her back pocket, set it on the table while she put her bowling shoes on, and then walked away. We are now talking three hours later when she realizes she doesn't have it.

So, we leave a phone number to the guys behind the counter. A few people send texts to the device (she has an app that allows her to text, make calls and do face time), but we consider it long gone, never to be seen again. We assume my daughter has just learned a very expensive lesson.... All at her expense.

The next morning a call is received, the touch is locked in the manager's safe and can be picked up anytime after 5pm. Praise the Lord! My daughter is beyond excited and my son says, "Mom, I prayed that it would be returned".  

I love when I see answers to prayers - I'm extra blessed when my children see them....

Thank you, Lord! 


  1. How awesome!! If anything, your daughter will take care of it better and more closely now... maybe... hopefully...

  2. I love it when our children see how their prayers are answered. Wonderful blessing indeed.