Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The War Raging Within....

I want to do the "right" thing, but right now I'm struggling. I feel like I have the age ol' God on one shoulder, Satan on the other. Satan is whispering, like he did to Eve, "go ahead, think of all the power you will feel" and God loving reminds me "Wise people don't make a show of their knowledge..." Prov 12:23.

I feel God is silent in many areas of my life right now, but he's speaking to me loud and clear within this struggle that I'm dealing with. In scripture last night he reminded me "No real harm befalls the godly but the wicked have their fill of trouble" Prov 12:21 as well as Prov 12:22 "The Lord hates those who don't keep their word, but delights in those who do". God knew I would be dealing with this desire, and knew that these scriptures would speak to my soul... but still.... Satan is perched, not ready to leave my shoulder yet... "Go ahead, it's deserved, you have every right".....

"So why do you keep calling me ‘Lord, Lord!’ when you don’t do what I say?" Luke 6:46 - this is the scripture I read this morning. I have the choice, I can follow my desire, my will, what the "world" tells me is the "right" thing to do, or I can follow what God keeps telling me, "Vengeance is mine..." Heb 10:30.

Wouldn't it be nice If I could just easily flick Satan off my shoulder?


  1. Great post, it seems like to me when I am trying my hardest to be good is when I have the most problems. I'm sure that is satan sitting there trying to knock me off course.
    It's hard to remember sometimes through all the struggles that the end is worth it. Hugs to you :)

  2. You KNOW I understand this! :-) I have this God/Satan struggle every single day. Keep seeking Jesus - he won't lead you astray.


    Thanks for your kind words on my blog this week. Means a lot to me.

  3. Satan be gone, in the name of Jesus!

    It is a daily struggle and I, too, must remember that Jesus is always there for me. He'll never let me down. Take care!