Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Am What I Am....

Hello, my name is Dawn, and I'm a celebrity-aholic....

I hate to admit it.... I really wish I wasn't.... But I am one of those people who scans every headline on all the celeb mags while standing in line. I have a few websites I like to look at as often as I can. I love watching the celebrity news shows.... Unfortunately I can tell you more about whats going on in the latest celeb gossip then I can with what my kids were required to do that day for homework (thank goodness they are A students)!!

I will blame it on my childhood desire to be the next super star. I was certain I was bound for fame. I was going to be the newest Mouseketeer, or the new best friend of Half Pint on Little House on the Prairie. Or, even better yet, the new love interest for David Partridge on the Partridge Family!! Did I take acting classes, no... Did I have an agent, ah, no again... I guess I thought I would be plucked out of obscurity and cast into instant fame and notoriety - the classic unknown to stardom story.

Now, I hate to admit this, but for some unknown reason, I had convinced myself as a young child that hidden in the overhead light of our car was a mic and camera. I would make sure every time we went somewhere I looked my "star" best and I sang all the songs on the radio "star" perfectly. I would even glance up at that light and give it my best celebrity look. Alas, it was only the imaginative thinking of a wishful youth - no one ever came a knocking telling me I was bound for fame.

In my teen years I was convinced that if I could only meet Leif Garrett or Shaun Cassidy they would instantly fall in love and I would be their wife immediately. All it would take was just a glance and I would have their hearts forever. Much to my dismay, a chance encounter was never in the cards.

As the years continued to roll on, I left behind the notion of becoming or marrying a star, and just became plain star struck. Living in Southern California chance encounters can happen - often. I've seen "stars" at airports, shopping centers, restaurants, walking down the street, coming into a night club, even sitting outside a seedy bar in the early afternoon. I use to play "star sighting" with a close friend of mine. Anytime we saw someone, we would excitedly call and leave each other a message.

So, what is it about celebrities that's so appealing to me? I like the whole facade of it all - the fantasy land that I believe they live in. They seem to have it all, money, looks -- how can they possibly have any problems what so ever when the world is bending over backwards to give them everything. I mean, seriously, don't you look at Brad and Angelina and wonder what possibly could not be perfect with those two beautifully perfect people?? Do you really think they fart in front of each other, or quiet honestly even fart at all? I'm sure they never pick their nose, or chew with their mouth open, burp, have diarrhea, heck, I bet they don't have any offensive bodily functions at all. Maybe God created all who are destined to fame as a super race that genetically do not function as us mere mortals do....

I sincerely apologize to each and every one of you that I am part of the reason why celebrities are over paid and over hyped in our society. I know my fondness for the good, the bad and the ugly of stardom keeps the ball spinning and the ego's growing. I need to start a 12 step program and rid myself of the desire to consume all things celebrity related -- I suppose admitting I have a problem is the first step!

Oh, and, for the record, one glance would not have done the trick with Shaun Cassidy. Many many years ago I was having dinner at the House of Blues in Hollywood and wouldn't you know it, but Shaun was there having dinner celebrating his daughter's birthday with a bunch of young girls. Fate had stepped in, my opportunity was there, it was my moment to shine. I walked past his table, he glanced my way, I smile........

And he could have cared less..... Oh well.....


  1. Do you subscribe to People and Us, too?

    You're silly. I think we all get giddy with our dreams of fame and brushes with celebrity. But lately I've realized that they're more dysfunctional than the rest of us and that our attentions are better suited towards the spiritual rather than the secular! Although if I ever ran into one of my beloved NFL quarterbacks I think I'd be all tittilated and tongue tied myself.

  2. It's funny but having worked in the media and having had the run-ins with famous people that I've had, I've become de-sensitized to a lot of things. I've seen stars before really up close, you know, Kennedy's soccer player encounter, well I've shook his hand before and sat next to him for about a half hour once, like I could have reached out and patted him on his back or something. I've seen Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller really close after games. I'm almost just like "whatever."

    The only time I was really star struck was - and this is funny considering all the famous people I've talked to or seen - was Ingrid Hoffmann. She has the Simply Delicioso show on Food Network and some other shows on Spanish-language TV. Well, I was super-nervous the day she was supposed to be out a game and I got to talk to her and everything. That was one exception.

    I think the only other people I'd be star struck around would be the members of Metallica and Rage Against The Machine, since I'm such huge fans of theirs. Maybe Shakira too. I'd be tongue-tied around her.

    Oh, and if you want to meet Becks, I can give you some pointers ;)

  3. When I was a kid I had a huge crush on Shaun Cassidy. I thought he was so cute!

    I used to get to meet celebrities at my old job. Some were really nice, down to earth people and some were sour, nasty and ill tempered (Martha Stewart and Mario Andretti were the worst).

    I can only think of a few celebs that I would have any interest in meeting anymore. I'd love to spend a day with Stephen King (his writing amazes me) and I'd like to meet Aaron Lewis (lead singer of Staind, his lyrics are amazing). That's about it.